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Starting with the Basics: The Need for CNC Machining in the Automobile industry

Posted on: Oct 12th, 2020, | By WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

Motorcycles have found a big frenzy in the South Asian countries, Asian countries, and in some Western European countries as well. Given the swift mobility, higher mileage, and relatively affordable costs, alongside some personalization is preferred largely by people. And this has been made possible with CNC machining of bespoke motorcycle parts.

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Customization has become a popular conceptas design personalization rises and while cars are customized, bikes, too, aretaking the same path ahead. On top of this, CNC machined parts are desirable forbespoke parts of automobiles as they promise to do the job better given theirhigh-quality and reliability.

But amid all these beliefs and the rising popularity of customization and CNC machining, let us draw a 360-degree evaluation and the suitability of CNC machining for bespoke motorbike parts.  

Starting with the Basics: The Need for CNC Machining in the Automobile industry

Computerized machining has become aninseparable concept for producing a large variety of different items. CNCmachines can easily product motorcycle parts in large numbers which can beeasily changed, replaced, and renewed without many efforts, both technicallyand economically. 

For example, parts such as body cover are damaged easily and more frequently. They get scratched and brushed against road pavements needing facing high wear and tear. Thus, it goes without saying, that these parts need maintenance, replacement, etc.  And CNC machines produce these parts without heavy investments, as once the codes are generated they can be replicated many times. Read along to find more details here.

Various parts of a typical motorbike that can be customized in varying degrees

Everything You Need to know about CNC machining with a Focus on Customization in Motorbike Parts

Here we bring you a complete guide to make a decision for mass customization in producingmotorbike’s parts using a CNC machine technique.

The History of customized motorbike parts

Cars are into customization for a long time. But for bikes, the concept is pretty recent only when, Harley Davidson, the pioneers of automobiles launched the concept. It was back in 1971 when the manufacturing giant launched the factory customization for more customer drawings.

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However, thingsbetween then and now have changed dramatically. Back then the concept of CNCmachine too had just evolved – dating back in the late 1950s, 1958 precisely.But as our knowledge of CNC machines and computers broadened, we started makingmore elite and effective NC codes. And customization gradually started becomingthe norm.

The need

As statedearlier motorbike manufacturing sees high demand for customization. Andcustomization means smaller lead time, increased design customization, longerdesign time, and delayed manufacturing. With traditional manufacturing methods,these factors lead to delay in delivery to the customer, and eventually, oftenresulting in losing the customers altogether.

As against this,when using CNC machines, once designs are made clear, and machine operationcodes are set, the elements or bike parts can be made within time.

The method

It goes withoutsaying that the smaller the automobile, the less complex are its parts. Andhence, logically it follows that customizing a motorbike is far easier thancustomization of a car, primarily because of the way they are built.

Today, an online3D integrative product configurator offers you to build your bikes from zero,literally. All the inputs are provided by the customer from an available designpallet. These inputs are quickly transformed into relevant manufacturingdrawings, CNC machine programs, and custom Bill of Materials [BoM. Not onlythis, these engineering are created error-free and released for shop floormanufacturing the same day. All thanks to CNC machines and automation!

At WayKen our 3 axes CNC machines and 5 axes CNC aluminum machinesare capable to handle bulk machining and mass customization dedicated to theautomobile industry.  

Right fromaesthetics to engineering, we take care of everything that you need to enhancethe features and performance of your motorbike and stay unique. Below is acomprehensive list of all parts that we machine and produce in custom and/orbespoke form:

  • Customized wheels for desired aesthetics
  • Complete engine customization to meet the bike application and overall performance as per the designs. Subparts of the engine include:  
  • Cylinder and cylinder head
  • Camshafts and cranks
  • Pistons, valves, and other connectors
  • Connecting rods
  • Jackets for coolants   
  • Motorbike headlights
  • Body cover, seat, patterns, carving, indents, etc.

The Cost

There is a general notion that customization often ends up in losses for both parties; theseller and the maker. Here in the case of an automobile, as per this popularbelief, the customers and manufacturers of custom parts both will see losses.Even despite the use of the CNC machine!

Howbeit, that isonly a myth!

Because,ideally, customized parts do appear to be costly at first. But given the risingcustomer involvement right since the design specification stage, anymanufacturer who doesn’t inculcate this idea will eventually be out of the racealtogether.

Thus, investmentfor customization, delays in the supply chain, the need for an agilemanufacturing ecosystem, the capacity of the shop floor to handle thefluctuating manufacturing orders, getting used to having zero inventory, andpracticing lean manufacturing could be some very big changes that manufacturersneed to make. But that will only lead to better days ahead.

As far as thetotal project cost is concerned, it is almost impossible to tell for anycustomized product. Well, because the product is customized and that is thebeauty of bespoke parts!

To explainfurther, when you customize and build your automobile from scratch, you areessentially choosing the material, color, grade, quality, complexity in designsand all these things will directly impact the cost.

But one thing issure that using a CNC machine for part customization isn’t going to add heavilyto your budget. If you are planning to invest in long term projects, it ishighly advisable that you do collaborate with an experienced CNC machinist or apioneer CNC machining firm to guide you through your journey.

If you, as a manufacturer are ready to develop this agileecosystem and go lean, WayKen is your partner in achieving engineering wonderswith our state of art CNC machine shops swiftly handling bulk metal right fromaluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, etc.

Why Should You Use CNC Machined Parts for Two-wheeled Automobiles?

  • High-Quality Precision Achieved: It is a no-brainer that CNC machines especially with multi-axes features take your entire manufacturing process to set the new bars of quality, reduce time dramatically, and Lathe Inserts achieve precision like never before. And in a machine part as critical as an engine part or its sub-part precision manufacturing is of the highest importance. Ideally, with design customization, the customer also asks for testing of strength and functionality of the parts such as frame, wheels, body, etc. Thus, the surface will need coating and processes like anodizing and others of the kind. With a CNC machine lathe in place, these processes can be taken care of easily.
  • Secondary Machine Operations:Furthermore, CNC machines are capable of performingsecondary machining processes as well with almost the same efficiency. Thisplays a critical role in giving that edge over your competitors by achievingbetter surface finish, good aesthetics, and enhanced joints like welds, etc.and high-quality Cemented Carbide Inserts polishing.
  • Unchanged PartReliability: As far as reliability of ordered CNCmachine parts is concerned, they are just as good as the ones bought off theshelf from the stores. In fact, some of those parts made by CNC machines onlyjust that they have been made to standard, while you are getting themcustomized by making your specific orders to tailor your bike’s needs. 
  • Higher Part Durability: Depending upon the material you are using as the base material during machining the durability of the part may vary. But all in all, the durability of any CNC machined part is higher than the traditional machining, given that the automated machining processes do not affect any other part of the workpiece other than the ones intended to. 
  • A Wrap up: Bringing it All Together  

    To cut everything short, customization letsyour imagination flow, while CNC machines keep your engineering principlesgrounded. With customization comes its inherent set of challenges. And toovercome these challenges one needs something that keeps them in touch withreality and resolves all the challenges met.

    And in the case of a bespoke motorbikeparts manufacturing, CNC machines along with mass customization performs thejob that no other can.

    If you are looking to venture into bespoke motorbike part manufacturing contact today and our teams of highly qualified engineers, CNC machinists, and automobile specialists are available at your ready disposal. Drop us an email at info@waykenrm.com for more insights.

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