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High precision tungsten carbide grinding ball from zhuzhou Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Tungsten carbide ballis named tungsten steel ball.There are blank and grinding ball. Many users are confused the difference between blank ball and grinding ball.Now let me help you know more.As long as you tell me your needs and working principle, we can produce it as per your request.The ball we produced can meet any harsh environment because of its high wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance,not easy to be deformed. It can be used in high temperature environment above Tungsten alloy cube 400℃, hardness of tungsten carbide ball ≥90.5, density=14.9g/cm3.Tunsten carbide ball widely used in ball screw, inertial navigation system, precision punching stretching, precision bearings, instruments, meters, pen, spraying machine, water pump, mechanical parts, seal valve, brake pump, crushing hole, oil field, tungsten carbide bar laboratory hydrochloride, hardness measuring instrument, high quality fishing gear, weight, finishing, and so on high-end industry.The grade from Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Co. as followings:YG6、YG8、YG11、YG12、YN6、YN8、YN11、YN12 and etc. We also can do it according to customer request.Welcome to contact us if you want to know more abouttungsten carbide ball.
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Some Things You May Not Know About Luring Fish In The Night

Night fishing is becoming more and more popular recently, and for good reason. drop shot weights Not only do you get cooler temperatures, less competition and congestion for the best areas, but there are also many more opportunities for bigger catches.When it comes to night fishing, do you need special bait?Yes and no. Depending on where you go, you may need to adjust the colors of your lures and plastics. In general, many fishermen like to use heavier tackle at night because it is easier to 'feel' the lure. Also, by using stronger equipment, it will be easier to land the bigger fish you will come across at night.Here are a few lures you may want to try next time you are out at night:- Hair or rubber jigs - 3/8 ounce or heavier - Spinnerbaits. - Poppers and wobblers topwater lures. - Plastic worms.We have found when using topwater lures, our best success is with black and deep purple lures. For other lures, we have the best Tungsten Jig Heads Bulk luck with dark, non-black colors (red/purple/brown).Of course, you will need to test various lure colors at your favorite fishing spot. Not all colors work at all times and at all places. Just take a handful of different colors with you until you see the one that works best where you are.As obvious as that sounds, you would be surprised at the people who "read somewhere" that black lures work best at night for example, so that's all they pack for their trip. If they come home empty handed, they blame the person who gave them the advice. That is why it is a good idea to listen to others for advice, but also use a little common sense at the same time.Another quick tip since we are talking about lures...Single hook lures are usually a good idea to prevent tangles when fumbling around with rods and reels in the darkness.
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USES and characteristics of cemented carbide anti

USES and characteristics of cemented carbide anti-skid nailsCleats is directly embedded on the surface of the tire puncture accessories, in order to increase the tire skid ability and at the same time let the tire safety performance has become more beautiful, the style and function of the cleats are available for users to choose their own, now in northern Europe, North America, Russia and other regions especially widely used, mainly is suitable for the winter for a long time, accumulation of snow and ice thicker areas, such as other cross-country, game, etc. This need in all sorts of uneven, bad road conditions where the driving mode of risky driving is also need the protection of the cleats.Different models of anti-skid nail can be used for different tyres, any vehicle tires can be specially designed for the cleats, anti-slide designs in the light of hiking boots and even, but for shoes anti-slide anti-skid measures have a lot of choice does not have absolute competitive advantage, so the use of the cleats mainly including automobile, Tungsten Carbide Plate motorcycle, bicycle, etc.CNC blade、CNC tool、Tire stud、mineral powder、 Carbide Balls.
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How to manufacture tungsten carbide ball? Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

As an professionalTungsten carbide ballmanufacturer, firstly, let us introduce the uses of TC ball.Tungsten carbide ballare used for making precision parts, precision bearings, instruments, pen, spray machine, water pump, mechanical parts, sealing valve, oil field. The common grade are YG6, YG6X, YG8, YN6, YN8, YN10, YN13 etc. We can supply it from φ0.3mm to φ95.5mm.Now please allow us to introduce how to manufacture tungsten carbide ball.1. Making the Tungsten Carbide Raw MaterialWhen a mixture of powdered tungsten metal and carbon powder are raised to a very high temperature by an arc of electricity, while the whole mass is held in a carbon crucible, there is a complete chemical combination of the two elements to form a big lump of tungsten carbide ( WC ). This lump is crushed several times and then milled to form a fine powder. The powder is screened down to uniform particle sizes.2. Chemical AnalysisMaking spectrographic chemical analysis of Tungsten Carbide can be difficult and uncertain, so the accepted procedure is to use a magnetic permascopic evaluation. If anyone tells you that they can analyze tungsten carbide to an exact figure, ask them for the error budget on their process. If they know the uncertainty, it will be in percentage points. The same exactness of chemistry and physical properties in tungsten carbide that are experienced with alloy metals cannot be expected, as T.C. is made from a physical mixture of a pure metal powder and a powdered ceramic. There will naturally be more variability in performance. The stiffness or Young's modulus of elasticity given for Tungsten Carbide has been measured in tension, but balls are almost always used in compression. In our experience, the Young's modulus of elasticity of cemented tungsten carbide is actually 10% higher in compression than it is in tension.3. Processing the Ball BlankThe Tungsten carbide powder and powdered cobalt metal are mechanically mixed to form a uniform combination. To this combination is added a polymer or wax that acts as a mechanical binder in the pre-sintered stage. A carefully measured volume of this combined powder is compressed by a double acting press to form the tungsten carbide ball blank, or pre-form. The binder is removed by placing the preformed parts in a vacuum chamber and raising the temperature. The binder out gasses and is trapped down stream as a liquid. Next, the combined tungsten carbide and cobalt pre-forms are sintered or fused into a solid mass by heating them to a high temperature tungsten carbide burrs in a vacuum or hydrogen atmosphere furnace.Some tungsten carbide ball sizes are Hot Isocratic Pressed or hipped. The newest procedure is to Sinter-HIP the parts in a single operation. The metallurgically complete ball blanks are then rough ground with course diamond to remove all imperfections from the surface. Using micro size diamond dust, they are then finished lapped and polished to final size and microinch roundness with a sub-microinch surface finish.4. Finished product testing and packageAllTC ballsare strictly controlled under American and European standard. Then we packaged in normal netural carton and deliver to customers all over the world.
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Why Alaska is Worth Spending a Holiday?

They can also experience traveling at picturesque and charming locales such as Seward, Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound and enjoy tidewater glaciers. The amazing diversity of wild life that one can come across in Alaskan wilderness comprises Stellar's Sea Lions, Lad Eagles, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Sea Otters and Seals.

Other actions of attention in a wilderness trip comprises of hiking, beach combing and bird watching. Tungsten Fishing Weight The daring strip is pleased with either a boat cruise to sight doll's porpoise, sea lions, hump back whales, icebergs and other wildlife or a floatplane trip of the tidewater glaciers and ice fields that dominate the region. A wilderness Alaskan holiday is imperfect if it lacks the visit to the excellent protected areas and National Parks such as Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Wrangell St.Elias National Park and Denali National Park.

Some visitors wish to go for twilight walks all the way through the forest and enjoy the wonderful Alaskan sunsets. Some other wishes journey to sight the awesome show of nature's loveliness along 61 miles of wilderness watercourses. Professional and Amateur photographers prefer wilderness trips in Alaska that provides abundance of chances to click good snaps.

One of the most Tungsten Nail Sinker significant features of an Alaskan wilderness holidays is that it assists guests to study regarding the living of the unique residents of this stunning wilderness. It can be an awesome experience to be exposed to their lifestyle, which comprises hunting, artistry, trapping and prospecting. It helps guests welcome the importance of these people in adjusting to the complexity they counter in living in this terrain of extremes. People who visited there say that it is a progression of good landscape and natural beauty.

It gives you the complete freedom to visit woods at any point of time during the day. Alaska is still untouched there are lots of places which are not visited by any person. Experience of touring Alaska is enormous and over-powering. It will make you dream about that trips for years. Alaska is a place made for nature admirers. So if you are a nature admirer you must visit this place.

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